Apt 9, 3 Town Meadow
Brentford, Middlesex

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heather is a photographer ! 


At her core, Heather is an artist and a lover of people. Add to this endless charisma, bravery and creative determination and its no surprise she delivers beautiful, aspiraitonal images for her clients.  It wasn't until 2010, whilst living in Dubai, and with the support of her true love,  that heather plunged into photography.  She kicked off her high flying corporate ensemble, and slipped into something 'a little more exciting'!   She taught herself, shot, asked questions, sought out masters and worked her butt off.  That girl will forever endeavour to feed her passion and will never look back.  In a relatively short period of time, Heather has made portraits for celebs, garnered clients from top global firms and creative agencies. She's shot and often produced regional and global ad campaigns for international brands. She's got three covers under her belt in a top Middle East fashion magazine.   Heather sees photography as a way to story tell without getting tongue tied. She is in love with the creative process and will pretty much knock your socks off.